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1 - Age : The 2018 audition wil be open to girls born in the years 1999-2000-2001 and 2002, and boys born in the years 1998-1999-2000-2001 and 2002.
No exceptions will be made.
Height's recommendations : to 1m60 to 1m75 for the girls and from 1m67 for the boys.

2- Applicants should register online

Our school receives your filled-in form immediately.
You also receive an
automatic answer to the e-mail's adress you wrote on the registration's form.
If you don't receive anything after 5 minutes, please check if you wrote the good e-mail adress or if the answer arrived in your
spam's file.

Your application will not be considered complete until the school has received all the required information and documents you have to send by post or by e-mail.

3- Applicants should send the required information and documents :

Candidate's Email adress ( valid until the audition )
Age on first day of audition (15, 16, 17, 18 or 19 years old)
2 Passport's photos
ID or passport's copy

by post to : Rudra Béjart School's Audition, Chemin du Presbytère n°12 – 1000 Lausanne 22 – Switzerland

or by e-mail to :

Notifications to attend an audition will be sent around 15 days after we receive your complete information and documents.
We won't answer you during the Christmas & New-Year vacation period ( from December 22d to January 8th ). Thank you for your understanding.

+ Registration's fee to pay the first day of the audition : 20 euros cash. (No check, no credit card).





We organize this international audition one time a year ( new date every year ); the jury is composed of our director Mister Michel Gascard and the dance and music teachers of the school.

Applicants must have completed obligatory schooling to begin the Rudra School in September 2018. 

It is necessary to have an insurance to participate to the audition ( like a travelling insurance for two days who covers you in case of accident. Be aware that the european insurances don't work with the swiss hospitals because Switzerland is not in the U.E.)

We hold two days of auditioning. From 8:00 on Saturday to 19:30 on Sunday.
After each selection, we select the candidates to continue or to stop the audition.


First selection

Day one: Candidates are selected on ballet classes. This technique is indispensable for a performing career. Girls should dance
on pointe. We ask the girls to wear a light color leotard and pink tights; the boys with ballet shoes, tights and leotard.

Second selection

Day two: The selected candidates dance their free variation which can be from the classical or the modern repertoires, a free variation or an improvisation.  The jury will focus on movement quality, as well as personality and artistic temperament. The variation should not last longer than two minutes.  Candidates must bring their own recorded music on a CD.

Third selection

The School’s Modern Dance teacher will teach a special class to the candidates. 
We will be assessing dancers’ ability to adapt, and how quickly they understand new exercises and corrections.

Sometimes, the director Mister Gascard ask the candidates to work on the Maurice Bejart's Repertory and to follow an improvisation's class.

We ask the candidates to wear the same clothes ( but no shoes for the modern class ).

The remaining candidates are accepted.

Michel Gascard will ask them to introduce themselves and say something about themselves and their work.
The Singing teacher will ask them if they have had any musical training, and will ask them to sing something. This will allow her to identify the different tessituras of their voices for class-planning purposes.
Candidates will be given an information pack about the School and moving to Lausanne: schedules, classes, holidays, performances, accommodation, insurance, resident permits (Switzerland is not in the EU), etc.

We receive frequent enquiries about the required level for auditioning.

A beginner would not manage to get through the second selection.  However, it is not necessary to have attended a conservatory or one of the famous schools.  Half of the successful candidates come from private schools. We look for young dancers with a strong potential for progress in technique and artistic expression. We may refuse experienced dancers if we consider that school training is not
appropriate.  Generally speaking, a good level of classical dance gets candidates through the first selection. Physique and presentation are both important. In the dancing profession, the body is the dancer’s work tool, so a strong constitution is necessary and there must not be any weight problems (overweight or anorexia). A student who suffers frequent injuries will be advised to choose another profession.

The teaching methods at the Rudra Béjart School prepare students for the work they will be doing after their training.  This real-life experience allowes the students to realize if they are capable of doing this job or not.