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Director Michel Gascard

"The Rudra Béjart School is also an intellectual and ethical way of life providing young dancers with a set of values to enable them to take their place in today’s society.  In a lax and permissive environment we need people who can stand up to life’s challenges resolutely and without aggressiveness.”    Maurice Béjart

" The Rudra Béjart School offers a free of charge education and is resolutely positioned in the future : Our students work today on the current dances and have the possibility to think of the future's dances". Michel Gascard


Video's presentation of the academic classes : ballet, modern technic and Maurice Béjart repertory. With the first and second year students !

The international audition took place in Lausanne on February 10th and 11th.

A great many candidates coming from Switzerland - France - Belgium - Italy - Spain - Portugal - Germany - Austria - The Netherlands - Finland - Sweden - Great Britain- Irland - Chyprus - Greece - Armeny - Poland - Ukrain - Australia - New Zeland - Korea - Japan - Mexico - Uruguay - Chili - Argentina - Colombia - Brazil - USA and Canada followed two intensive days of tests !

The following candidates are admitted for September 2018. Congratulations to ... MORE NEWS




















The Rudra Béjart School thanks all the sponsors and partners for their contribution to our free, private international school